One of the most exciting plant shows around my neighborhood is absolutely the Bonsai exhibition during this time (beginning of June) at Meiji Shrine. 


Bonsai’s super awesome living creature if you see it real. Since the pandemic, I have added my everyday walking routine to Meiji Shrine, then

I have found this exhibition. 


I have been wondering though how come bonsai live so long, the longest I have seen is 500 years, but they are small trees even though they are old grown trees. 


This week was the Bonsai exhibition at the Meiji Shrine . Early this morning, I kept staring at these trees, and I saw a man show up and start doing something behind the exhibition counter. I start asking questions I have always had. He has taught me several things and answered my questions plus others. 


These Bonsais are all wild trees grown in the bush. So a random tree is picked, after trimming the root, cutting and cleaning, then transferring to a super thin vase. Every year or two, roots are cut and cleaned then again planted again in a thin vase. So, the roots never grow longer, so the height of the tree won’t grow. But they will live as long as regular trees. If you plan on coming to Japan, there are some good seasons to be here, but the rainy season (May to early June) is one the great choice. And don’t forget to visit this exhibition, the first week of June every year.