Join us at Tokyo Cooking Studio for your team building event! Cook your way to an even better team with our team building cooking classes! Over 1,600 people from all over the world have enjoyed cooking with us at TCS. Now your company can bring experience cooking together as a team with our team building cooking classes. Food is a great way to bring people together. Team building activities enhances relationships, and cooking together is the perfect way for companies and teams to get together, celebrate, improve communication and more.

* Minimum Guests 6 to 9
* Meal Courses 4
* Event Duration 3 hours
* Corporate team building purpose

Menu example:
Sushi Party: 4 dishes plus sake paring included
Duration: 4 hours

Fee: Depending on the selected class. (Japanese Yen/Person)

For more detail information, please visit Team Building Cooking Classes

Please send us a message for menu and further inquiries.

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