Join us at Tokyo Cooking Studio for your team building event! Cook your way to an even better team with our team building cooking classes! Over 1,600 people from all over the world have enjoyed cooking with us at TCS. Now your company can bring experience cooking together as a team with our team building cooking classes. Food is a great way to bring people together. Team building activities enhances relationships, and cooking together is the perfect way for companies and teams to get together, celebrate, improve communication and more.

Our team building classes focus on team communication, fun, and of course delicious food, the best ingredient to spice up your team’s spirit. Let your team get to know each other better, enjoy quality time spent together and create shared memories that will build lasting relationships.

Why Team Building? 

Team Building at Tokyo Cooking Studio

It’s helpful to get out of the office and interact in different ways to improve communication and have fun together. No one can resist delicious food and teams can have a great time can have a great time working together to create it. And creating a great meal takes the same communication, collaboration and execution skills needed to successfully complete a project in a company. Team building activities are an important ingredient to add to your company’s success. Team building cooking activities are ideal to bring together people for a fun and relaxing time that everybody can share while cooking together.

Some benefits of team building activities

・Bridge team communications               ・ Inspire creativity

・Increase productivity                              ・Boost motivation

・Enhance problem solving skills             ・Relieve stress

・Grow confidence                                     ・ And more…

A team building cooking event is a wonderful and efficient way to bond relationships.

You can choose any of our existing cooking classes for your team building event or we can create something special for your team. With Tokyo Cooking Studio you are sure to have an amazing experience and great time with your team.

Class Fee:

¥8,500 per person

team building cooking event
Team building class

We can offer you a class from these selected menus, or if you have a special request let us know! Click on one of the menus for more details.

Sushi making is one the amazing hand-work creative dishes in Japanese cuisine. Just because you are in Japan, it is time to experience fresh and many kinds of sashimi, raw fish by learning how to handle it and tasting it. In this class, we first will learn how to make delicious sushi rice, and make our own sushi plate, nigiri, inside-out rolls, and tamago. We will practice tamago making in this class using Japanese tamago square pan! We discuss about other Japanese cooking tools, such as Japanese knives. And tasting experience is always included in all the class. Miso to other Japanese seasonings you taste to learn what good quality seasonings taste like. After taking this class, you will be confident and enjoying throwing a Japanese sushi party at your home!

By the end of the class, you will learn:

  • Making sushi vinegar using quality ingredients
  • Washing rice and cooking rice for sushi purpose
  • Method of blending rice and sushi vinegar
  • Hand making of nigiri
  • Learn about wasabi and how to grate it
  • Make Dashi, Japanese broth
  • Try three kinds of miso, and learn how they’re made
  • Making miso soup
  • Making Japanese sesame dressing
  • How to handle mochi and forming fruit daifuku

Class menu:

  • Sushi plate with 6 pieces of nigiri, 2 gunka nmaki, one inside out roll and tamago
  • Arajiru, fish soup with vegetables and scallions
  • Chawanmushi, savory steamed egg with mushrooms, shrimp, chicken and chestnut
  • Green beans with sesame dressing
  • Seasonal fruit Daifuku, a fruit covered with bean paste and steamed mochi dough

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonal ingredients.


  • Price ¥8,500 per person

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