Sushi at Home is one of our signature classes that to learn and experience the amazing hand-work dishes from Japanese cuisine. And sushi is in fact perfect type of cooking class to learn online. Because sushi making is all about details. And, this is great opportunity to connect our cooking studio in Tokyo wherever you are in the world to experience authentic sushi. In this class, we will be learning how to make sushi vinegar, delicious sushi rice, mixing sushi vinegar to hot rice. And, let’s learn how to handle raw fish. You can purchase sliced sashimi if available, or pick a sashimi block. Will show you how to slice it. We will make clam miso soup with sushi, that are classy combination when we go out to eat sushi in Japan.

Class menu:

  • Nigiri with your choice of raw fish,Tamago
  • Thin rolls with cucumber and shiso if available, minced raw tuna with spring onion
  • Gunkanmaki with salmon roes or sea urchin
  • Clam miso soup

Ingredients Required:

Ingredients for sushi rice, 4 servings
3 cups Japanese rice
3 cups water
1 cucumber
4 to 6 leaves shiso leaves
Your choice of raw fish, tuna, salmon, salmon roes, sea urchin
1 cup of rice vinegar
White sugar
Sushi seaweed sheets
10cm/3 inch wide dry kelp, Konbu in Japanese

Required cooking tools
1 small soup pot for making sushi vinegar (1 cups capacity at least)
1 soup pot for miso soup with ladle
1 small frying pan either non-stick or regular pan, but not cast iron, a spatula for Japanese style rolled egg omelette
1 set chopping board and knife
1 small bowl
Cooking chopsticks
Bamboo sushi mat
Sushi rice mix FLAT tray and spatula

Requirement prior to class
measure ingredients and wash vegetables


Meet Up
We will connect on ZOOM, say hello, and begin the class

We will cook together and you can ask questions as we go

Eat & Drink
We will enjoy eating & talking together until class ends

Class duration is approximately 1.5 hours.
* All times are Japan Standard Time


Class prices are based on the number of kitchens/devices joining:

  • 1 Kitchen: for you or your friends or family joining from a single device – Price: ¥4,500 for a single device
  • 2 Kitchen Or More: for you and your friends or family joining from 2 or more devices – Price: ¥4,500 per device

So, if you are a family or friends in a single location, joining with a single computer or other device, you pay ¥4,500 for a single device.
If you are 2 or more users, in different locations, with their own devices, each device joining the class pays ¥4,500.

* If you are booking for 2 kitchens/devices, or more and will be paying separately, please be sure the other guests planning to join the class book their spots immediately so we can confirm the reservations and close the class.

Select A Date And Time To Book Your Class:

Please book at least 24 hours in advance of class start time to allow us, and yourself, to prepare and shop for ingredients.

After booking and confirmation, we will send the recipes and other information to prepare for the class.

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