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No one is born a great Cook, one learns by doing.

– Julia Child


Tokyo Cooking Studio offers hands-on cooking classes in a small group setting, kinds of Japanese culinary and dining experiences, international menu classes with instructors from many countries, and cooking classes for children.  Tokyo Cooking Studio is a cooking studio to learn more about the world from a culinary perspective beyond borders.

Additional Notes:

  • Ingredients slightly may change depending on seasonal vegetables (ex, fresh tomato only summer, so use can tomato)
  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, vegetarian, or  other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation
  • In person class there are a maximum of 6 guests. 

Class Cancellation Policy:

  • One month ~ two weeks — No Cancellation Fee
  • 13 days ~ 7 days — 50% Cancellation fee
  • 7~the day of class — 100% Cancellation fee



I created this cooking experience because I really want my guests to see a great selection of Japanese local ingredients, and also discover what Japanese home cooking is. 

Example Class Menu (it changes by season)

  • Oyakodon, braised chicken and onion, cook with eggs in dashi
  • Shrimp and lotus root sandwich serve with salt and sansho pepper
  • Mizuna salad with crispy baby sardine and peanuts serve with fresh wasabi dressing
  • Kabocha potage with white miso and soy milk
  • Black sesame ice cream with Azuki beans and mochi balls
  • Fruity sake

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Classes Length
4 hours

Class Fee

Ramen making with a chef

Ramen is absolutely my guests’ favorite Japanese dish. There are so many amazing ramen shops all around town, but making ramen scratch is heartwarming cooking when you have extra time. In this class, we are making chicken base ramen broth that are much shorter than pork bones. And, healthier! Please request vegetarian ramen also. 

  • Ramen with Yuzu Miso
  • Ramen toppings, chashu, ramen eggs
  • Gyoza with pork and chives
  • Gyoza dipping sauce
  • Black Sesame Ice Cream Seasonal fruits 
  • Sake

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Classes Length

3 hours

Class Fee



When I opened my cooking studio for mainly tourists, everyone told me how much they enjoyed eating ramen throughout their trip in Japan. And, vegetarian guests have told me they haven’t been able to try any ramen because they can’t find a vegetarian version of it. I have created this class, and it became a big hit!

Class Menu

  • Vegetarian Ramen with Miso, Sesame, Chili Paste Topped with Seasonal Grilled Vegetables and Ramen Eggs
  • Vegan Gyoza
  • Easy Black Sesame Ice Cream and Seasonal Fruits
  • Sake or Non-alcoholic drinks

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Classes Length
3 hours

Class Fee

Japanese tapas

One of my favorite Japanese meals is absolutely the Japanese tapas food! Izakaya is the place where we can taste the most creative homey food with drinks. It includes, varieties of deep fried dishes, sashimi, salad, tofu dishes, dips, braised meat and much more. Itazaka is the place where I get my food inspiration, each places makes very different creative dishes, they can be for small dishes with drinks and and some main dishes can be home cooking lunch or dinner. This class is the one you can learn all of them. It covers lots of good Japanese cooking techniques such as braised, deep fry, raw food, and knife skills.

By The End Of This Culinary Experience, You Will:

  • Japanese cooking techniques, chop, sautee, deep fry
  • Discover and learn deep about Japanese seasonings, miso, soy sauce
  • Learn how to prepare tamagoyaki, Japanese omelet, using a Japanese square frying pan
  • Learn about tofu, how to cook and enjoy

Class Menu:

  • Tamagoyaki with Baby Sardines and Spring Onion
  • Fried calamari with Ginger and Soy Sauce
  • Gyoza Pizza with Chili Oil
  • Wagyu cube steaks with Ponzu and Grated Shiso Daikon radish
  • Edamame Peperonchino
  • Grilled Onigiri Chazuke (Ochazuke)
  • Easy Cabbage Salad with Salted Kelp
  • Beer and Yuzu sake

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Class Fee


Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
  • Class will be open from two bookings. If under two bookings the class will be canceled.
  • If you would like to proceed this class as a private class instead of being canceled the class, private booking will be 15,000 person. You can request three dishes!


I am thinking”his Japanese dish is going to be the another popular dish after ramen! “Okonomi” means things you like, “yaki” means grill or stir. So, you can add anything you like or have in your fridge! In this class, I am going to teach the difference between Osaka and Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. Osaka style okonomiyaki will be a demo only, and as hands-on, you will be making Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with noodles.

​These are what you learn from this class:

  • The basic common ingredients
  • Types of sauce to use
  • How to shape it and finalize (presentation) of the okonomiyaki
  • Substitutions of ingredients

Vegetarian/Vegan potions available, of course


  • Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with noodle, cabbage, pork, and seafood/Or vegan or gluten free
  • Black sesame ice cream with mochi and seasonal fruits
  • Fruity sake

*Vegetarian/Vegan potions available, of course

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Classes Length
2.5 hours

Class Fee


One of the most essential Japanese meals is Japanese breakfast. It represents what is real about Japanese cooking; fermentation. In this class, we will be covering the most fundamental Japanese cooking.

– Washoku breakfast with grilled salmon
– Natto with spring onion
– Tofu salad with ginger and bonito flakes
– Miso soup with seasonal vegetables
– Japanese rolled egg omelette
– Donabe cooked brown rice

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to the seasonality of ingredients.

Classes Length
3 hours

Class Fee

Japanese Knife and Cooking Tools Shops Adventure

In Japan, we take food super seriously. We love good ingredients, good food, and beautiful food 

to watch. This street really represents how much we LOVE food. I am excited to take you to one of the must visit towns if you love to cook, Kappabashi kitchen gadgets street. 

One of the most important cooking tools you need is a fantastic knife which you can use for many years. And you are the best place in the whole world to meet your knife. And more, we will stop by my choices of cooking gadgets shops and ceramic shops to introduce great Japanese cookwares and dinnerwares.Don’t buy trashy cooking gadgets ever again—shop with me and I’ll teach you fantastic Japanese cooking tools that will make you a better cook! Shop visit experience with me is 90 minutes, after that you can shop freely around yourself to spend more time.

Meeting Place: 

Kikuyabashi Police Box



Price 5,000 yen


Small, delicate soft chewy mochi desserts are just delicious with a cup of tea. Ingredients are uniquely savory and cooking involves without an oven. Japanese sweets are very different from western desserts. Most of the Japanese desserts are butter free and many of them are gluten free. There are many good techniques you can learn from this class. And the desserts are fantastic after the sushi party!

Class Menu:

  • Seasonal Fruit daifuku, mochi stuffed red bean or white paste with seasonal fruits
  • Dango with Black Sesame Sauce
  • Taiyaki with Red Beans Paste and Cream Cheese and Nutella 😉

*Picture is in the process of updating. The class is Taiyaki (NOT dorayaki) and Dango is black sesame sauce

Classes Length
2 hours

Class Fee


Exciting Announcement! TCS will come to your country to share the spirit of Japanese cooking! 

This is how it works. Someone has to be an organizer to create a Japanese culinary event. We will be offering class details with a price based on the needs. We will be deciding the schedule, and we will be there to offer an authentic Japanese cooking event! 

Please send us inquiries, we can create unforgettable experiences for your special events!

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