Tokyo Cooking Studio offers hands-on cooking classes, culinary experiences, culinary tour in a small group setting. And, this is the place to experience and learn more about Japanese culture from a deeper culinary perspective.

Additional Notes

  • “From Market to Meal” and “Izakaya Cooking” class menus change by season
  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, vegetarian, or  other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation
  • If your birthday is on the day of your booking, please let us know in advance. We would LOVE to congratulate all participants

Class Cancellation Policy



This experience is an opportunity to learn the foundation of Japanese cuisine from the ingredients and what locals whop and eat visiting a super market with me. We will meet at SHIBUYA HACHIKO MEMORIAL STATUE at 10am, we will walk around in the market to learn about Japanese fruit culture, vegetables, wagyu, Japanese condiments, and lots of fish to see. After picking some ingredients, we will move to my studio. Great opportunity to experience learn local Japanese lives and real Japanese cooking IN Japan. And our cooking studio is located in a quiet Shibuya local neighborhood where tourists usually will not be visiting, so I am looking forward to having you around my neighborhood!

Seasonal Menu (menu changes slightly, mochi with strawberry is ONLY when local strawberries are available)
– Onigiri with cod roe or umeboshi (VEG: choice)
– Miso soup with fried tofu and spring onion
– Cucumber salad with octopus and ginger flower
– Seasonal sashimi with fresh wasabi (VEG: lotus sandwich with mushrooms)
– Wagyu with yuzu chili pepper (VEG: Grilled tofu and shiso with red miso sauce)
– Dashiyaki-tamago, Japanese egg omelette with steam baby sardines and spring onion
– Seasonal fruits or strawberry Daifuku (mochi stuffed with strawberry and white/red bean paste) from December until May
– Yuzusake

* Menu changes slightly due to seasonal availabilities 

Please let us know any dietary request in advance.

Classes Length
4 hours (10am to 2pm)

Class Fee

Sushi Making 101

Practicing sushi with my sushi master since seven years ago, I can totally declare that sushi is the condensed Japanese culinary culture, matcha ceremony is also the one. I do not call myself a sushi chef or sushi teacher, as it was said in the documentary film, Jiro Dream Sushi, “you must dedicate your life to mastering your skills.” I am still mastering my skills. In this class, I will share the foundation of sushi cooking for home cooking purposes. Make the steps shorter and a bit simpler, but never give up achieving the best taste and the authentic presentation I have learned years.

Some cooking methods will never be simpler because they make the taste so much different, such as making sushi rice and also slicing sashimi MUST be done right before making nigiri.


  • Rice is already prepared ahead (we won’t be making rice from scratch because of the class time)
  • We slice raw fish
  • We will make “sushi rice”, mixing sushi vinegar (it is made ahead, recipe will be shared) and cooked Japanese rice in class
  • This class ONLY starts at 12pm since the fresh ingredients purchased in the morning at the fish market


  • Nigiri with tuna, salmon, and seasonal raw fish, ikura, uni, and seafood
  • Gunkan-maki, boat sushi
  • Thin rolls with cucumber, sesame seeds, and wasabi
  • Miso soup with clams
  • Black sesame ice cream with seasonal fruits
  • Yuzu sake

3 hours class

15,000yen person

Ramen making with a chef

Ramen is a very creative dish, not like soba or udon, traditional Japanese noodle dishes. Each ramen shop has their own creative broth to show off, and each of us pick their favorite broth flavored shop. I have come out with a recipe after trying many recipes that we can cook within 2 hours, cooking gyoza and dessert on the side using the accessible ingredients my guests can find anywhere in the world. And learning so much about Japanese seasonings and umami. Chicken broth base shoyu (soy sauce) ramen with chicken chashu and ramen egg.

  • Chicken broth base ramen with chicken chashu and ramen eggs
  • Gyoza with pork, cabbage, and chives
  • Black sesame ice cream with azuki beans and mochi balls
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Yuzu Sake


  • Noodles and gyoza wrappers are NOT made in class
  • Vanilla ice cream will use making black sesame ice cream is not made from scratch

Classes Length

2.5 hours

Class Fee

¥15,000 person


When I opened my cooking studio for mainly tourists, everyone told me how much they enjoyed eating ramen throughout their trip in Japan. And, vegetarian guests have told me they haven’t been able to try any ramen because they can’t find a vegetarian version of it. I have created this class, and it became a big hit!

Class Menu

  • Vegetarian Ramen with soy sauce flavors topped with seasonal vegetables
  • Vegan Gyoza with lotus roots, carrot, cabbage, and shiso leaves
  • Black Sesame Ice Cream
  • Seasonal Fruits
  • Yuzu sake

Classes Length
2.5 hours

Class Fee
¥15,000 person

Izakaya Cooking Class

One of my favorite Japanese meals is absolutely the Japanese tapas food! Izakaya is the place where we can taste the most creative homey food with drinks. It includes, varieties of deep fried dishes, sashimi, salad, tofu dishes, dips, braised meat and much more. Itazaka is the place where I get my food inspiration, each places makes very different creative dishes, they can be for small dishes with drinks and and some main dishes can be home cooking lunch or dinner. This class is the one you can learn all of them. It covers lots of good Japanese cooking techniques such as braised, deep fry, raw food, and knife skills.

Class Menu:

  • Deep Fried: Kushikatsu: seasonal vegetables, quail eggs, camembert cheese, chicken with umeboshi and shiso
  • Raw Fish: Seasonal sashimi platter
  • Sautéed: Onigiri with salted kelp and tempura bits
  • Boiled: Gyoza pizza with with steamed baby sardines, shiso leaves serve with crunchy chili oil
  • Broiled: Chicken wings with sansho pepper
  • Extra: Sweet and salty tamagoyaki, Japanese egg omelette
  • Salad: chrysanthemum green salad
  • Lemon Sour and Beers

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients

Class Fee

¥15,000 person


Small, delicate soft chewy mochi desserts are just delicious with a cup of tea. Ingredients are uniquely savory and cooking involves without an oven. Japanese sweets are very different from western desserts. Most of the Japanese desserts are butter free and many of them are gluten free. There are many good techniques you can learn from this class. And the desserts are fantastic after the sushi party!

Class Menu:

  • Seasonal Fruit daifuku, mochi stuffed red bean or white paste with seasonal fruits
  • Dango with Black Sesame Sauce
  • Taiyaki with Red Beans Paste, and choice of cream cheese and Nutella 

*Picture is in the process of updating. The class is Taiyaki (NOT dorayaki) and Dango is black sesame sauce

Classes Length
2.5 hours

Class Fee
¥13,200 person

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