This course is a cooking class that we can all learn about the world from the food! It is really amazing to find each country’s food expresses so much about their country’s climate, agriculture, religious beliefs, and so much more. We are super excited to welcome our local instructors from around the world to share their passion and love for us. This course is one to two types of classes in a month, a couple of dates to choose from. We focus on seasonal vegetables, organic as much as possible, and recipes are easy and beginner friendly to recreate. We offer bilingual classes, we hope that the language never blocks any learning ability. Our common language is the passion to learn cooking and love of the world. Looking forward to having you! NOTE: Class menus below are past or upcoming menus. Class menus change monthly. The new menu will be announced a month before.


Please meet our Taiwanse cooking teacher Chef Yo. He is a wonderful friend of ours who came to Japan to train to be a sushi chef. He’s been in the culinary world since he was 17. He has worked at a Taiwanese restaurant, then has opened his family restaurant with his brothers in Taipei. Currently he works at Omakase sushi restaurant in Ginza.


  • Lurou fan, braised minced pork
  • Sautéed Clams with basil
  • Chicken, Shiitake mushrooms, and lots of garlic soup
  • Taiwanese style egg omelet
  • Boiled seafood with sweet and sour sauce


Please meet our passionate Indian cooking instructor, Divy. She is from South India, and has been living in Japan since 2017. She has a beautiful food blog and has been sharing her passion and cooking skills on her blog as well as her cooking classes at her home in Yokohama. 


  • Moru curry with okra, soy based butter milk curry
  • Paruppu keerai, lentil and spinach curry
  • White rice
  • Papad, lentil chips
  • Payasam, sweet almond milk pudding with vermicelli noodles


We met Stelios years ago when the studio opened. He has shared his passion to all of us and the flavors and culinary cultre of Meditraneans. He is a science teacher in one of the international schools in Tokyo. He has been living in Japan since 2012, and is the father of two beautiful young kids!


  • Stuffed Squid with wheat
  • Greek Salad with Lavender Sauce
  • Baklava


Many people might imagine American cuisines are only burgers, potatoes, and ice cream, but there are so many wonderful healthy Californian dishes and desserts to share in this class. Californian cuisine is a beautiful mixture of western and Asian cooking!

  • Apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream and Cobb salad
  • Orzo with spring vegetable and burrata
  • Roast chicken with bread salad, easy fried calamari with aioli

Additional Notes:

  • This course is DEMONSTRATION class, not hands-on
  • Ingredients slightly may change depending on seasonal vegetables (ex, fresh tomato only summer, so use a can tomato)
  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, vegetarian, or  other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation


Meet in Tokyo Cooking Studio

We will get to know each other with good tea


Cooking will start, asking questions, feel free to be as you are in your kitchen

Eat & Drink

We will enjoy eating & talking together until class ends

Class duration is approximately 3 hours

Class prices choices:

  • One time only ¥7,000
  • 3 Class Tickets ¥19,500
  • 6 Class Tickets ¥36,000


Please Send A Request To Book A Class

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