This strawberry daifuku is the most popular dessert recipe in my studio, but I only offer this from winter to spring, because of the seasonality of strawberries. I really want my guests to taste the beautiful fun of juicy Japanese strawberries while they are here! And, of course with mochi becoming so popular globally, it’s really exciting for people from all over the world to enjoy this butter free, fat free, Japanese dessert!

Strawberry Daifuku

Juicy strawberries and the amazing texture of mochi make it hard to beat this light, yet explosive Japanese dessert!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 5
  • 5 Strawberries (Stems Removed)
  • 100 g smooth red bean paste (Smooth Type)
  • 100 g glutinous flour (Sometimes Called "Mochiko" in Asian markets or "Shiratamako" in Japanese market)
  • 40 g caster sugar
  • 110 ml of water
  • Potato or corn starch for dusting
  1. Divide red bean paste into 5 same size balls using one scoop out (20g each), almost like a ping pong ball size. And, flatten each ball like a round shape and place one strawberry and cover it all over, but leaving a strawberry top open. 

  2. In a stainless-steel bowl or glass bowl, combine glutinous flour, sugar and add water little by little until smooth and never leave lumps, using a whisk or fingers.

  3. Put 2 into a boiling steamer basket or any type of steamer set you have, and cover, then steam for around 12 minutes. After 5 to 8 minutes, stir with wet spatula or spoon and combine well (because the inner mixture is not cooked).

  4. On a countertop or tray, add starch generously and take out the steamed glutinous rice dough out of the bowl. Then cover with starch completely, then leave it for 30 minutes. Cut the dough using hands, into 5 pieces and brush off the starch well, and be sure any area is not sticky anymore. 

  5. Put 1 in the middle of cut glutinous dough (#4), and start covering all the sides, and pinch all the sides so that they stick. If some part is getting sticker, put more starch and brush off again. Serve room temperature. Must be eaten within on the same day you made.

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