Right after I opened my cooking studio in 2016, I thought one day in a supermarket that it would be fun to take travelers to come to shop in my supermarket. My everyday supermarket I shop regularly, and I wanted to show my guests who are traveling here how people live, eat, and shop. Then, it became a hit. I still remember my first guest whom I truly appreciate because she has written a long detailed review with five-star reviews for my experience. When I travel, I want to see the real life of locals and what people eat at home. This experience is exactly what I want to experience when I travel. 

Many many people have joined From market to meal since then. We have moved the visiting market from Shimokitazawa to Shibuya. We cook only seasonal dishes in this experience, always including some home cooking and also entertaining dishes such as shabu-shabu or chirashi sushi. I can wait to welcome more from the world to let them know more about Japanese culinary culture.