Loving so much having cooking class at Tsukiji fish market kitchen!

Cooking itself is not just chopping and sautéing. It all starts with the ingredients. Good food is really about good ingredients. Getting the freshest fish and veggies at the market, 100% plastic containers free.  Picking up super fresh tuna from downstairs and within 30 minutes we’ll start slicing, tasting sea urchin, and grating crisp fresh wasabi are THE Japanese culinary experiences. I have decided to only offer fish related classes at this location. We’ll limit a maximum to 30 guests for the group cooking class to have “hands-on” real cooking experience to maintain the quantity of workshop and food as well.

When I was a culinary school student, I remember my instructor has said “Delicious food is delicious no matter who eats it.” It sounds obvious, but after meeting many many people, many of us eat with our mind not our pure palate.

Fantastic Japanese food is super simple, just like fresh raw fish with only soy sauce, and Tempura with good salt. And I love it.

Thank you my sweet and wonderful guests today! Impressed and inspired by y’all so much🤘🏻