Must use good quality Japanese seasonings, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and others.

Cooking is so simple, if you use freshest ingredients and good quality seasonings, all taste good! But, it takes time to learn to find good ingredients.

Choosing seasonings, I always choose honest and old fashion smaller seasoning makers. Depending on kinds of seasonings, but ingredients uses in the seasonings must be the producing area.

I have choose these four special and oishii seasonings.

  1. Medium dark soy sauce, this is your everyday seasoning type of soy-sauce, from Nara
  2. Amazing Chidori Rice vinegar, from Kyoto
  3. Ponzu, I usually make ponzu, but this all natural yuzu, vinegar, soy-sauce sauce you can use for hot pot and as dressing to many things, from meat to tofu. Hiroshima
  4. Yuzu-chili pepper, everyone loves it in my class! Anything grilled yummy with it, use a tiny bit on steak, chicken, and fish. Ooita