Tamago-Yaki Pan, Japanese Omelet Pan


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One of the essential cookwares, I would say in Japanese cooking is, Tamago-Yaki Pan, Japanese Omelet Pan.

We always have a great time together making Tamago-Yaki in my culinary experience class! I always add this recipe in my beginner Japanese class to introduce one of the most unique Japanese dishes. Tamago-Yaki pan is a cooking tool that every household owns.  I choose copper material because of heat-resistance and last for a long time not like a nonstick pan. If you carefully and patiently make each egg layer and shape it using the shaper every single hold, the final shape is really beautiful!

This is the one I use in my studio, it’s perfect size for 4 to 5 serving. Everyone gets two slices.

When start using this cooper Tamago-Yaki pan, please keep oiling the surface when it’s not used and put a wrap or parchment paper over the oiled surface.  And when use, always medium-low heat. Depending on the gas (yes, gas use only), but the heat must be close to lowest heat. If the heat is too high, it’ll burn and stick.

Size: 15x15x3cm
Weight: 570g
Material: Copper, wood
With Wooden lid

A handle is not attached with the pan. A nail comes with it so please put the nail into pan and the wooden handle. This is gas use only.

Additional information

Weight.57 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 3 cm


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