Japanese Rice Pot, DONABE


Our studio use Donabe pot! Easy, always enjoy freshly cooked rice serve on table. Salmon, sweet potato rice for fall, and corn rice for summer are all delicious way to cook with rice! Gas use only,  made in Iga, Japan.

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And our conclusion at the moment, this is one of the best rice cooking tool to cook Japanese rice, simple to use, easy washing, and best taste. Kamado-San, Iga region made, an earthenware rice pot. It creates delicious and always enjoy freshly cooked rice, serve it on the table.  The pot size is important thing to know for making perfect rice, and how many people to serve. This size, one cup of rice pot can be cooked one to two cups of rice. And feeds about four people for one cup, and two cups of eight people serving with Japanese ceramic rice cup. It comes with a clay made pot stand and wooden rice paddle. This pot is only GAS use, not electric gas use.


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Weight2000 g
Dimensions18.5 × 13.5 cm


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