Stainless Steel Pots, Cristel Starter Set


Stainless steel pots we use in our studio! My recommended


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Better cook always have an amazing cookware!

I have used many super hi- quality and beautiful design pots from all over the world throughout my cooking profession. I am strongly concluded at this moment that you need a good cookware in order to be a good cook, and I highly recommend using pans without handles! Pan handles do not need to be attached all the time because we do not use them every moment in our cooking. Once I start using Cristel stainless cookware without handles, I can never go back with pots with handles because without handles, pots are so easy to wash and store in dishwasher, like cooking bowls. Easy store in cabinet too!

Before I opened my cooking studio, I have been working as a cooking tools instructor in big department stores. I teach how to cook and how to use the cookware I was using in the cooking events . I always share the three things to remember when buying cookwares: quality of the products, always choose products that can last many years,  easy to clean and handle, and design must be simple that will never tired of seeing it.  I can never say enough to express my love to this pots! Three sets of stainless steel pots plus basket and steamer plate and colorful handle to choose from! This pot is made by Cristel France.

16cm, 18cm, 20cm with a basket fits with 20cm pot.

Perfect for everyday cooking, including steaming, deep frying, and boiling noodles.

Please let us know what color would you like with it.


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Weight2000 g
Dimensions18.5 × 13.5 cm


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