Black Sesame Ice Cream Kit


Make black sesame ice cream at home with this ingredient kit from TCS! This kit includes: sesame paste, azuki beans, brown sugar syrup and mochi flour.

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Black sesame ice cream is definitely the most popular summer desert recipe in my class. Beautiful gray, silky texture, and nutty and rich black sesame flavor are just unforgettable! And, I’m really happy that many of my guests are making it again in their kitchen! This kit includes the following 4 products:

Silky Sesame Paste
Ingredients – black sesame only
Store at room temperature

Sweetened Azuki Beans
Ingredients – sugar, Hokkaido Azuki beans, salt
Store in a clean container in refrigerator after opening

Brown Sugar Syrup
Ingredients: Japanese brown sugar, glutinous starch syrup
Avoid direct sun light, store at room temperature

Mochi Flour
Ingredients: Japanese glutinous rice
Avoid direct sun light, store at room temperature

* Please understand when exact brand of products shown in the picture are not available, we’ll ship the same products of similar quality from other makers.


Not sure how to make it? Check out our “Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe.” 

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