It has been so long since TCS stopped having tourists guests for our Japanese cooking classes. BUT, they are back!! These two lovely siblings from the UK and Paris have decided to travel Japan in June without knowing Japan has been closed to individual travelers. But they made it with all their passion and efforts to visit Japan!

It’s been 2 years plus since the days I remember things have started changing because of the unknown contagious virus. I had no idea what was going on, but my phone started ringing all the class cancellation emails for even after Olympic cooking classes and events. 

But, now it looks like we are finally close to being endemic! Feels so long but short, but I have learned so much from my experience of the pandemic. Thankfully, I could keep my studio alive and my passion to have you all back in Tokyo!






 し かし、欧米諸国は既にエンデミック。日本のインバウンドオープンもまもなく再開される見通しです。この体験から学んだことはたくさんございますが、何よりもスタジオの営業をし続けることができていること、それから日本を愛してやまない観光客の皆様を情熱を持ってお迎えできることに何よりも感謝!