Hello from Tokyo! I’m Yukari 😉

One of the most exciting finds since the pandemic is absolutely having cooking classes on ZOOM. I have never heard of ZOOM, but thankfully my web developer helped me to shift my 100% tourists in person classes to online right after the pandemic. In The past few years, most of us haven’t traveled the world. I was able to travel virtually to meet my guests all over the world online. My guests from Switzerland showed me the stunning Mountains from their window, a guest from Spain showed me his beautiful terrace under unbelievable blue sky, and a guest from Norway showed me a huge lake from his window. Many unforgettable team building cooking classes with global companies that colleagues are all over the world. 

  1. We’re all so far physically but we are so close sharing the moments on the screen. 

When I was creating recipes for online cooking classes, I have decided two things : classes are under 60 minutes and ingredients are acceptable anywhere in the world. And it worked! 

Online classes are life changing. And I’m looking forward to hosting more and more in the coming years!