Last week, I had a wonderful time visiting our Taiwanese cooking instructor, Yo-san‘s new work place. It is an Omakase (a course menu only restaurant, can be sushi and kaiseki) sushi restaurant in Ginza. Ginza Fukasawa has opened about two months ago, the chef trained in 久兵衛本店 and has worked in a sushi restaurant in Singapore for 7 years. 

One of the restaurants you must try while you are in Tokyo, this Omakase style sushi restaurant is a must try. Only wild seasonal local fish is used (never frozen, farmed, or imported), counter only, the chef will grate fresh wasabi, slice sashimi, and nigiri right in front of you. And serve hands to fingers (please use hands eating!). Super tiny, 100% plastic free, seeing beautiful handcrafted Japanese knives, wasabi grater, grinder, all, just so impressive and appreciative. 

A wonderful experience visiting this intimate Omakase sushi restaurant. Beautiful place with all the handcrafted dinnerwares, kitchen tools, interiors. Great hospitality as well. 

Please let them know my name and studio when you come over there! They may give you extra hospitality!