I recently had an Izakaya Cooking class. I haven’t had so many requests for Izakaya since most of my guests have been tourists since I have opened my studio, so they might not know “Izakaya.” I think the world of Izakaya hasn’t been recognized globally as much as sushi. But this class was requested by Tokyo locals Australian guests. It totally makes sense that they have eaten great izakaya food in Tokyo life. 

Izakaya food is exactly like “Tapas” in Spanish cuisine. All easy to make under 5 ingredients, not much chopping or heating involved. We have made, gyoza pizza, figs with whipped tahini cream, karaage with yuzu kosho, tamagoyaki, steak with fresh wasabi, avocado with ponzu… We made shiso mohito! Delicious 😉 Arigato for joining!