If I choose one dish to eat on my last day, I absolutely choose gyoza! And, definitely Japanese-style super crispy, thin skin, pan fried gyoza. In this class, we will learn making gyoza skins from scratch. Some form of rolling pin is required (either a thin or pie rolling pin). We will make two forms of gyoza and wonton, and two kinds of cooking, pan fried and boiled. We will make gyoza dipping sauce and egg, tofu, soup. Class Menu:

  • Pan fried gyoza
  • Boiled wonton
  • Tofu, egg drop soup

Ingredients Required:

4 servings

All purpose flour 200g
Hot water

Gyoza Filling
Ground chicken or pork 300g
Coriander or spring onion 80g
Sake, soy sauce, sesame oil
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil, Canola or any unflavored oil (not olive oil)
For vegetarian, mix of minced vegetables, carrot, mushrooms, cabbage,
for protein firm tofu.

Rice vinegar
Soy sauce
Sesame oil

Tofu and egg drop soup

silken tofu
spring onion or coriander
mushrooms if not, tomato
ground chicken
sesame oil

Cooking tools required:

1 large stainless bowl for gyoza dough making
1 to two sets of cooking chopsticks
1 medium size bowl for gyoza fillings
Chopping board and knife
Non-stick frying pan
1 soup pot for soup
a rolling pin or wine bottle
a round cooker cutter or cup around 8cm diameter

Additional Notes:

If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.


Meet Up
We will connect on ZOOM, say hello, and begin the class

We will cook together and you can ask questions as we go

Eat & Drink
We will enjoy eating & talking together until class ends

Class duration is approximately 2 hours.
* All times are Japan Standard Time


Class prices are based on the number of kitchens/devices joining:

  • 1 Kitchen: for you or your friends or family joining from a single device – Price: ¥4,500 for a single device
  • 2 Kitchen Or More: for you and your friends or family joining from 2 or more devices – Price: ¥4,500 per device

Select A Date And Time To Book Your Class:

Please book at least 24 hours in advance of class start time to allow us, and yourself, to prepare and shop for ingredients.

After booking and confirmation, we will send the recipes and other information to prepare for the class.

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