One of the early days of opening my cooking school, I was at my grocery store thinking, “what if I could bring tourists to come to my supermarket?” I really wanted to see how Japanese people live, shop, and eat. This is my initial thought about starting this class. I really want to see my guests not only the attractions but also the real life of the locals. Market to Meal Culinary Experience is a way to start your trip to Japan! You can see how local shops, how much everyday food is, learn about the foundation of Japanese cooking ingredients. And, I love to share Japanese dining etiquette from this cooking class. We’ll meet at Hachiko Dog Statue in Shibuya station, and shop for ingredients, then walk to our kitchen studio. This culinary experience is a small-sized class, so that you can learn deeper about Japanese culinary culture. Please read what my guests said about this experience 🙂
For the fall menu at the moment is,
– Kabocha soup with white miso
– Chrysanthemum green salad with sesame dressing or sesame cream with figs
– Lotus root sandwich with shiso shrimp paste
– Wagyu steak with Yuzu chili pepper
– Tamagoyaki
– Salmon rice cooked in dobabe with house made Ikura
– Black sesame ice cream with Shiratama and azuki beans
– Yuzu Sake