Jan 17 2018


10:30 - 13:30



Sushi at Home!

Sushi at Home is one of signature classes that to learn and experience the amazing hand-work dishes from Japanese cuisine. You may have a thought that sushi  is one of the dishes that we all want to eat out anytime… I was thinking that though before I learn from my sushi master. Sushi seems to be a cold dish that we see in a fridge in markets, but unforgettable nigiri has always slightly warm freshly cooked sushi rice. Essential info and techniques includes in this class are, learning right sushi cooking tools and blending technique of rice and sushi vinegar.  And how to hod nigiri rice balls, and the size of the nigiri you must learn. In this class, we will be learning how to make delicious sushi rice, mixing sushi vinegar and freshly cooked rice is the most important key to make good sushi. I will teach you tools you need, how to move your hands, and the instruction of making nigiri, forming a rice. We will be making miso soup, and salad with creamy sesame dressing with yuzu at the moment, and seasonal dessert in this class.

By The End Of This Class, You Will:

  • Learning proper way to handle Japanese rice, how to wash and soak
  • Making sushi vinegar using quality ingredients
  • Cooking rice for sushi purpose
  • Method of blending rice and sushi vinegar
  • Hand making of nigiri, how to do it
  • Learn about wasabi and how to grate it
  • Make dashi, Japanese broth
  • Learn three kinds of Japanese miso, and learn how they’re made
  • Making miso soup
  • Making Japanese dressing
  • How to handle mochi and kinds of Japanese desserts

Class Menu:

  • Sushi plate with 6 pieces of nigiri, gunkan maki, and thin rollls
  • Clam miso soup with red miso
  • Seasonal vegetable salad
  • Black sesame ice cream with mochi balls, azuki beans, and brown sugar syrup

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.