Jan 24 2018


17:00 - 19:30



Ramen and Gyoza at Home!

My ramen broth is chicken stock base and “tare” (salting part) is made of two kinds of miso, minced pork, sauteed few kinds of fragrant vegetables, and chili paste. Garnish with ramen tamago (egg), fresh veggies, and stewed mince meat. We will be making fresh ramen noodle from scratch too. Gyoza wrapping is a fantastic skill to learn. Japanese style pan crispy thin skins gyozas are just delicious! Perfect to cook with others for a party! All are just tasty unforgettable dishes you will make again and again in your kitchen, trust me!

By The End Of This Class, You Will:

  • How to make fresh ramen noodle
  • Making ramen broth, learn ingredients, how long to cook, and substitute ideas
  • Tare (salting part) making
  • Perfect ramen tamago
  • Learning gyoza forming
  • How to fry gyoza
  • Making dango balls (mochi)

Class Menu:

  • Chicken ramen with minced meat, miso, and yuzu with ramen egg
  • Gyoza making, shrimp and pork and lots of leeks and scallions stuffing
  • Mochi with black sesame sauce with seasonal fruit
  • Yuzu sake or  non-alcoholic beverage

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Additional Notes:

  • Ramen flavor slightly change by season. For in stance summer ramen flavor is yuzu, salt, and perilla leaves. And winter is miso with yuzu.  If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
  • If booking with your co-traveler, and s/he is a vegetarian, let us know in advance, we are happy to add vegetarian option as well.

Hourly Schedule