Tokyo Cooking Studio


Tokyo Cooking Studio
Tokyo Cooking Studio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


Sep 15 2020 - Sep 18 2020


10:30 - 13:00



Cooking In English (Morning)

I created this cooking experience because I really want my guests to see great selection of Japanese local ingredients, and also discovering what we shop and eat in our real life. As a cooking teacher, I travel lots of markets from farmer’s market to international gourmet markets. As I always say in my class, ingredients are the most important thing in cooking, not your skill, so you must have a market you trust. This is the market I truly trust in Tokyo for freshens of produces, selection they have, and customer care they maintain. From this experience, I will show you and explain ingredients of the fundamental of Japanese cooking. I will also talk about what makes wagyu so special, and how to recognize freshness of fish much more. My goal for this experience is my guests will confidently choose good quality of ingredients back home and re-create this class menu at home for their family and friends.

By The End Of This Culinary Experience, You Will:

  • Have a wide understanding of Japanese fresh produce, wagyu (Japanese beef), fish and seasonings
  • Discover what Japanese eat everyday at home
  • Learn how to find fresh fish and work on raw fish
  • Learn how to prepare tamagoyaki, Japanese omelet, using a Japanese square frying pan
  • Taste and learn about three kinds of Japanese miso
  • Learn how to work with glutinous rice flour

Class Menu:

  • Oyakodon, braised chicken and onion, cook with eggs in dashi
  • Shrimp and lotus root sandwich serve with salt and sansho pepper
  • Mizuna salad with crispy baby sardine and peanuts serve with fresh wasabi dressing
  • Kabocha potage with white miso and soy milk
  • Black sesame ice cream with Azuki beans and mochi balls
  • Yuzu-sake

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
  • Class will be open from two bookings. If under two bookings the class will be canceled.
  • If you would like to proceed this class as a private class instead of being canceled the class, private booking will be 15,000 person. You can request three dishes!

Hourly Schedule

From 10:00 - To 10:10
Meet Up
Hachikō Memorial Statue in Shibuya
10:10 - To 11:30
Buy Ingredients & Move To Studio
11:30 - 13:15
Learn To Cook & Make Japanese Lunch
13:15 - 14:00
Eat & Drink
Enjoy Eating, Drinking & Talking