Mar 02 2019


17:00 - 20:00



SOLD OUT Italian Cooking, Tuscany

Sooooo many Italian restaurants and pizzeria in Tokyo, even my two sisters own Japanized-Italian restaurants. I have done many my own style Italian cooking classes, but now it’s time to learn real way from this guy from Tuscany! I’m so excited to introduce Andrea in my kitchen. He’ll be having his first class on 2nd of March at 5pm! Here is the menu; Tuscan liver paté crostini, fresh pasta, pappardelle (my favorite)& fettuccine, serve with two sauces, pesto and meat ragout, main is pork Arista with apple sauce serve with spinach salad with blood orange.  And, Prosecco on the house.  March 2nd (Sat)@5pm!! Mainly demo. For booking, go to my link from profile and find class calendar. Come join us, we’ll have a great time!!

Artist, music composer and chef, Andrea
Cavallari has been cooking since the age of
12. He worked as sous-chef in restaurants in
Florence (Italy) during his university years to
pay for his music studies, but never
forgetting his first love: cooking! After
graduating from the Music Conservatoire he

attended the famous Cordon Bleu cooking school in Florence.
Very passionate cook, when in Italy, Andrea lives on a farm in Tuscany,
Casa al Bosco – Donnini, where for almost 10 years he produced the
most typical Tuscan products such as salame, prosciutto, pancetta,
salsicce, guanciale, etc. The farm, managed by Andrea’s twin brother
Riccardo, now produces organic natural wine and olive oil. It also hosts
guest from all over the world who attend Andrea’s dinners and
cooking classes.

東京に存在するイタリア料理の数で、我々がどのぐらいイタリア料理を愛してやまないのか分かりますよね!実は私の姉二人もイタリアンのお店をやっています。 私も沢山の自分スタイルのイタリアンのクラスを開きましたが、本場のイタリアンを学ぶときが来ました!トスカーナご出身のアンドレアさんがイタリア料理教室を開いてくれます。メニューはレバームースのクロスティーニ、種類のパスタを作ります、タリアテッレとフェタチーニ。ソースも2種類、ラグーとジェノベーゼ。メインディッシュはローストポテトとアルスタ、りんごのソースでいただきます。フェンネルとブラッドオレンジのサラダ。3/2@


Class Menu:

  • Starter
    – Liver Paté – Tuscan famous liver paté crostini.
  • Fresh Pasta
    – Pappardelle (large fettuccine) with meat Ragout
    – Fettuccine with basil pesto
  • Main
    – Pork Arista with roasted potatoes
    – fennel salad with oranges
  • Dessert
    – San Giovanni rice fritters

* Please understand the class menu will change slightly due to seasonality of ingredients.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
  • This class is a demonstration and handson if you want to cook and after demonstration, meals will be serve.
  • Taught in English and Japanese translation will follow.


  • アレルギーその他材料に関するご要望がお有りになる際は必ず事前にご連絡ください
  • このクラスはデモンストレーションとご希望の方のみハンズオンです。デモ調理後にお食事となります。
  • このクラスはほぼ英語で行なわれ、日本語通訳が加わります。