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Aug 01 2020


Japan Standard Time
08:00 - 09:30


¥3000 Per Kitchen/Device

Online Cooking Class (Morning)

Class duration is approximately 1.5 hours.
* All times are Japan Standard Time

Please find the class time in your region from this link:


The following class menus are currently available:

  • Ramen
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Ramen
  • Gyoza
  • Japanese Desserts

* You will confirm your menu choice on the next page.

Class prices are based on the number of kitchens/devices joining:

  • 1 Kitchen: for you or your friends or family joining from a single device – Price: ¥3000 for a single device
  • 2 Kitchen Or More: for you and your friends or family joining from 2 or more devices – Price: ¥3000 per device

So, if you are a family or friends in a single location, joining with a single computer or other device, you pay ¥3000 for a single device.
If you are 2 or more users, in different locations, with their own devices, each device joining the class pays ¥3000.

* If you are booking for 2 kitchens/devices, or more and will be paying separately, please be sure the other guests planning to join the class book their spots immediately so we can confirm the reservations and close the class.