Tokyo Cooking Studio


Tokyo Cooking Studio
Tokyo Cooking Studio, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


May 26 2022


Japan Standard Time
11:00 - 13:30


¥7,000 Per Person

In-Studio: (Morning 11am JST)

Class duration is approximately 2.5 hours.
* All times are Japan Standard Time

Please find the class time in your region from this link:

Class prices are ¥7,000

The following class menus are currently available:


Market To Meal

  • Learning about ingredients in an actual market, then moving to the studio to cook

    * Menu changes by season, so please contact for menu details


  • Miso braised mackerel. Agedashi-tofu. Kinpira, burdock carrot with beef, donabe cooked rice


  • Japanese style hamburg steak with yam, shiso, served with daikon radish and ponzu. Potato salad, miso soup, and donabe cooked rice


  • Washoku breakfast with grilled salmon, natto, miso soup, tofu with bonito flakes


  • Deep fried chicken, with housemade chili oil, tofu salad with hot sesame oil, tomato egg soup, seasonal fruit

Sushi At Home

  • Nigiri sushi, thin rolls, gunkan-maki, clam miso soup, chawanmushi, daifuku

Homestyle Ramen And Gyoza

  • Chicken stock base home style ramen with chashu, ramen eggs, gyoza or Vegan Ramen with vegan gyoza



  • Coq au Vin, Salade Lyonnaise, Tarte Tatin


  • Jjigae, Bibimbap, Pajeon


  • Sanbeiji, Lurou Fan, Omelette


  • Pho, Spring Roll, Chè Chuối

Additional Notes:

  • Welcome drinks are always seasonal smoothies with veggies, fruits, nuts, and good oil. Please kindly let us know any allergy and preference.
  • Ingredients slightly may change depending on seasonal vegetables (ex, fresh tomato only summer, so use can tomato)
  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies, vegetarian, or  other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation
  • In person class there are a maximum of 5 guests. We set clear panels on the dining table.


Meet in Tokyo Cooking Studio

We will get to know each other with freshly made smoothies and begin the class


We will cook together and you can ask questions as we go

Eat & Drink

We will enjoy eating & talking together until class ends

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In-Studio Cooking Class ¥7,000 Per Person

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