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Cooking Class for Professionals – 6 days course

I have met many passionate Japanese food entrepreneurs or personal learners at my studio. I’ve been continuously impressed by their strong motivations to learn. 
Therefore, I decided to offer this professional course. During this course, students will learn ingredients, techniques, cooking tools, and flavorings. The course fee includes, a sushi mixing wooden tray, a rice spatula, sushi bamboo rolling mat, and Edo sushi dining on the last day of the course.
Please find the course detail below:
  1. Market to Meal

Market visit, learning fundamental Japanese Ingredients. From this class, students achieve how to create Unami, and flavoring formula.  Menu changes by season, so contact us for the recipe 
  1. Ramen and Gyoza 

Learning about ramen soup, how to make clear beautiful ramen stock. And flavoring formula for ramen. 
  1. Sushi at Home
It is a very unique Japanese dish.
  1. Home cooking, mixed fried, croquettes, aji fry, miso soup, rice, potato salad, taiyaki
  1. Final day, Edo style sushi dinner

The course includes:

  •  Donabe rice pot, rice wooden spatula, pot place stone 
  • Sushi handai 
  • TCS aprons 

Course Fee:

100,000 Japanese yen / per person

Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.

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