Cooking Class for Professionals

I have met many passionate Japanese food entrepreneurs or personal learners in my studio. I’ve been impressed by their strong motivation to learn.
From this professional course, students will learn ingredients, techniques, cooking tools, and of course Japanese cooking techniques. Plus, other international cooking classes, with exciting teachers are included in this course.
Please find the course details below:

1. Learning cooking tools

How to find tools that you’ll need in Japanese cooking. Meeting spot is Kappabashi at 3:30pm. It is two hours sessions.  

2. Market visit

Learning all about Japanese fold! What they are, how they use, and how to choose. This is the chance you can bring and ask all your food questions you have in your mind. This is two hours session. Meeting time is 3:30pm in Hachiko, Shibuya.

3. Learning the most fundamental One-Soup-Three-Dishes theory

Covering dashi ingredients, Japanese rice cooking method, kinds soysauce, and miso. This is the most essential fundamental class, learning how umami is made, and adding Japanese seasonings to compete Japanese flavoring formula. Weekly and weekend two hours class.

4. Sashimi class

Including knife skills, chopping and slicing in Japanese kitchen. Weekly and weekend two hours class.

5. Braising, Nimono in Japanese

Knife skills, chopping and slicing in Japanese kitchen. Weekly and weekend two hours class.

6. Steam and deep fry

Including filet fish. Knife skills, chopping and slicing in Japanese kitchen. Weekly and weekend two hours class. Weekly and weekend two hours class.

7. Sushi at Home

Delicious sushi is not fresh sashimi, the secret is amazing sushi rice. In this class, we’ll learn how to combine freshly cooked rice and sushi vinegar. Learn how to make “authentic” sushi, lots of eye opening experiences! Weekly and weekend three hours class.

8. Ramen and Gyoza

Learning about ramen soup, how to make beautiful ramen stock. And flavoring formula for ramen.
We’ll making noodle from scratch. Weekly and weekend three hours class.

9. Japanese sweets

Making bean paste, dorayaki, dango, daifuku.

10. International cooking classes

Greek, Italian, and Thai cooking classes.

From 3 to 6, all include main dishes, two other sides, and soup and rice, and these classes might be private or with other professional course participants. From 7 to 10 classes, the classes are with other participants, some of them are from the same professional course or some from regular class. After a registration of this course, please pick dates for each class.

The course includes: 

  • TCS aprons is included
  • A TCS teacher certificate will be issued after completing the course, and receiving the certificate that eligible to become an instructor of TCS when position is available.

Course Fee:

100,000 Japanese yen / per person

Additional Notes:

  • If you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or other requests, please inform us when you make your reservation.
  • If you have already take some classes in this course, please talk to us in advance so that we can deduct class fees.

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